Services I Subscribed Each Month

Perhaps like most of people on earth today, I have a few subscription which I should pay each month. These subscription ranging from a monthly hosting fee to entertainment.


Number one is Netflix where I watch most of movies and drama these days. I rarely go to teathre since the location where I live now quite far away. The nearest one is around 35km which is around an hour drive (you know, traffic jam!).

Sometimes I got free subscription from internet package, for example Disney and Prime Mobile. But still, Netflix is the way to go and currently it cost IDR 120.000,- or around $8.


For a server related services, DigitalOcean is my preferred service. I have 2 droplets, one app, and many of my domains managed there. I’ve tried to use Amazon services, but the UI is terrible, I think DO is way better. The price also reasonable. For DigitalOcean mostly I spent $15 a month.


The best apps for Mac in one suite. By paying $9.99, I get access to dozen premium Mac Application in one price. There more than 240+ apps which helped me in my day to day work.

Laravel Forge

For a PHP/Laravel based web app, I use Forge. Forge is awesome service, I could use 1 VPS to host many PHP based apps using their managed admin dashboard. No more complicated server setup with $12 a month for one server.

Microsoft Office

I rarely use Microsoft products other than Teams. My Office subscription mainly for my other family member. My dad is an elementary school teacher, need to use MS products for almost everything. One of my sister work as a librarian and of course would need office app for herself. The other sister is still studying in college, so she would depend on Microsoft product alot. Office subscription cost around $9.